Spring 2015 Advance

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CCCU Statement on the Obergefell v. Hodges Decision’s Impact on Religious Institutions

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court’s affirmation of the First Amendment draws from a deep well of precedent that protects free exercise. Free exercise has long been regarded as a fundamental right under the First Amendment, ensuring religious individuals and organizations can exercise their beliefs not only in synagogues, mosques and churches, but also beyond their walls. These full protections for religious individuals and organizations to exercise their beliefs privately and publicly are not diminished by expanded marriage rights.

Sabbatical Retreat Candidates Selected for 2015-16; Applications Open for 2016-17, 2017-18

WASHINGTON – Two faculty members from CCCU campuses have each received a semester-long sabbatical opportunity at a fully furnished cottage on the shores of Lake Michigan. This opportunity, provided by the CCCU in partnership with the Issachar Fund, will continue to be available for the next two academic years.

Summer Impact: CCCU’s Leadership Development Institutes Reflect Distinctions of Christian Higher Education

SUMAS, Washington – Against a backdrop of colorful gardens and grazing cows, 65 leaders from 30 member campuses are learning about leadership issues. Obviously, this is no ordinary leadership conference. The vice presidents, deans, directors and professors who have gathered for the CCCU’s Women’s Advanced Leadership Institute (WALI) and the Multi-Ethnic Leadership Development Institute (M-E LDI) are considering one simple goal: service.


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Southwest Baptist University

Langford named interim provost at SBU