Spring 2015 Advance

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CCCU and 60 CCCU Institutions Seek to Revive Perkins Loan Program

WASHINGTON – On Friday, Nov. 20, the CCCU and 60 of its colleges and universities throughout the United States joined hundreds of other higher education leaders in sending a letter to Congress and asking lawmakers to grant a one-year reprieve to the federal Perkins Loan Program.

CCCU Launches Bone Marrow Donor Drive Effort to Register 10,000 Potential Donors

WASHINGTON – Christian colleges and universities across the U.S. are coming together to help save lives in a unique, quick and painless way: cheek swabs.

US Supreme Court to Hear CCCU Members’ Challenge to Contraceptive Mandate

WASHINGTON – On Friday, Nov. 6, the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal from several religious nonprofit organizations, including five CCCU members, that challenges the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive and abortifacient mandate for their employee and student healthcare plans.


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