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CCCU Announces New International Institutions and Affiliate Categories

CCCU Announces New International Institutions and Affiliate Categories

February 16, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities announced today the addition of two international affiliates and two new categories that expand opportunities for international affiliates to benefit from CCCU services. These changes will take effect in May 2024.

The CCCU welcomes two new International Affiliates approved by the CCCU Board in its January meeting. Soongsil University in Seoul, South Korea (Republic of Korea) is a new ICPAR institution and Emanuel University of Oradea, Romania is a new IAFF+ institution. Both universities add to the rich global network of scholars and higher education practitioners that comprise the CCCU.

Previously the CCCU offered one affiliate category for institutions based outside the U.S. and Canada. International Affiliate (IAFF) institutions access many of the same benefits of North American institutions, including professional development and networking opportunities, publications such as CCCU newsletters and Advance magazine, an online course sharing consortium and more.

The two new international affiliate categories are International Affiliate Plus (IAFF+) and International Collaborative Partner (ICPAR). Through these two additional categories, the CCCU seeks to better serve the needs of diverse, Christ-centered institutions of higher education around the globe.

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International Affiliate Plus (IAFF+)

The International Affiliate Plus (IAFF+) category is a new category available to current International Affiliate (IAFF) and qualifying institutions seeking membership in the CCCU. IAFF+ incorporates the same criteria necessary for IAFF affiliation. These guidelines include Christian Mission, Cooperation & Participation and Institutional Integrity. IAFF+ membership will provide the member institution faculty with the ability to apply for CCCU grant opportunities currently available to U.S. and Canadian governing member and collaborative partner institutions, and not available to IAFF institutions.

International Collaborative Partner (ICPAR)

Like all other IAFF and collaborative partner (CPAR) institutions, ICPAR member institutions meet the Christian Mission, Cooperation & Participation and Institutional Integrity membership guidelines. Additionally, ICPAR member institutions meet an international standard of accreditation, including but not limited to recognition by the college or university’s government of its status as an institution of higher education.

The CCCU currently serves 32 International Affiliate institutions, representing 16 different countries from Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

“The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities brings together diverse institutions united in a common goal: to provide students with a holistic education that transforms minds, hearts and souls through the love of Christ,” said CCCU President Shirley Hoogstra. “Our international members are a vital part of the work we do, and we are excited for this opportunity to learn from them and to serve them even better.”

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