Understanding CCCU Faculty

Understanding CCCU Faculty

Fall 2019

HERI Faculty Survey

In 2016-17, 24 CCCU institutions and over 1,900 faculty participated in the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) Faculty Survey as part of the CCCU’s Collaborative Assessment Project (CAP). The survey provides a comprehensive, research-based picture of key aspects of the faculty experience and is designed to provide institutions actionable information on important and timely issues. It includes topics such as: pedagogical practices; faculty goals and expectations for students; research and service activities; sources of stress and satisfaction; and the connection between learning in the classroom and practices in the local and global community. Results from the HERI Faculty Survey have been used in strategic planning, faculty recruitment and retention, faculty development activities, assessment and accreditation, and discussions relating pedagogy to student learning experiences.

Here are some important aspects of faculty life we learned from the 2016-17 administration of the HERI Faculty Survey:

Faculty Commitment to Diversity
Affirmed that it is essential/very important to enhance students’ knowledge of and appreciation for other racial/ethnic groups

90% CCCU Faculty
81% Faculty at Private Institutions
84% Faculty at All Institutions

Faculty Commitment to Students
Mentored students over the past year

75% CCCU Faculty
74% Faculty at Private Institutions
70% Faculty at All Institutions

Faculty Health and Well-Being
Reported that their current teaching load is an extensive/somewhat source of stress

71% CCCU Faculty
62% Faculty at Private Institutions
67% Faculty at All Institutions

Faculty Commitment to Campus Community
Affirmed that developing a sense of community among students and faculty is the highest/high priority

80% CCCU Faculty
70% Faculty at Private Institutions
65% Faculty at All Institutions

Faculty Commitment to Service
Affirmed that service is essential/very important

76% CCCU Faculty
68% Faculty at Private Institutions
68% Faculty at All Institutions

Faculty and Administrators
Strongly or somewhat agreed that administrators consider faculty concerns when making policy

64% CCCU Faculty
62% Faculty at Private Institutions
60% Faculty at All Institutions

CAP will offer the HERI Faculty Survey in Spring 2020 as part of its regular cycle of surveys. For more information on how you can join CAP to administer this survey to your faculty, please visit our website at