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From sponsoring conferences and events to utilizing print, email and website advertising opportunities, we provide a variety of ways for you to connect with key leaders on CCCU campuses.

Conferences & Events

Each year hundreds of representatives of the CCCU community attend various conferences across the country. One of the primary benefits of sponsoring an event is the ability to network with key administrators and faculty from our institutions. Event sponsorship gives your company significant promotion and presence before a national audience. Conference attendees meet your key staff and learn more about your company through one-on-one, intimate conversations. Sponsors increase their visibility and gain a greater voice within the community of Christian higher education.

2023-24 Sponsor Guide
  • Why Sponsor?
  • Reach an influential, exclusive audience.
  • Conference attendees can meet your key staff and find out more about your company.
  • Increase company visibility before a national and international audience.
  • Enhance corporate image.
  • Gain access to nationally recognized four-year colleges and universities from North America and around the world


Reach key decision makers and influencers on CCCU campuses by featuring your advertisement in our print magazine, as part of our monthly email newsletters, or on our website. Learn more about our print, email and website advertising opportunities below.

Media Kit

Valued Partners Directory

Our Valued Partners  Directory gives organizations the opportunity to showcase their connection to Christian higher education by providing detailed descriptions of relevant products and services with links directly to their website.


During the conference year, there may be opportunities to sponsor a webinar that focuses on a particular peer group or on a topic of general interest to our institutions. If your organization is interested in this type of sponsorship, please contact sponsorships@cccu.org to learn more about this aspect of partnering with the CCCU.


Sponsored/Partnered Professional Development & Research

The CCCU coordinates regular institutional research to support the day-to-day management of its institutions through the Comprehensive Assessment Program and conducts occasional topical research to explore aspects of the most pressing issues facing Christian higher education. Sponsorships of the CCCU research program involve either financial support of the Comprehensive Assessment Program, enabling less highly-resourced CCCU institutions to participate in regular institutional research through financial support of the Comprehensive Assessment Program, or the commissioning a large-scale research project on a topic vital to the future of the Christian college movement.Throughout the year, there are numerous opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors to reach members of the CCCU community. From webinars to large-scale conferences to targeted gatherings of individuals around common interests, we would be happy to discuss which option would be the best fit for you.

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