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The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities is a higher education association of more than 180 Christian institutions around the world. Founded in 1976, the organization represents campuses across the globe, including more than 150 in the U.S. and Canada and more than 30 from an additional 19 countries. Our online Valued Partners Directory gives organizations the opportunity to showcase their connection to Christian higher education by providing detailed descriptions of relevant products and services with links directly to their website.

5 Degrees Branding

5 Degrees Branding is a creative brand-building agency specializing in enrollment marketing, institutional branding, and website development for independent colleges and seminaries. 5° has helped 15 CCCU institutions across the country grow and tell their unique stories in new and compelling ways via digital and print solutions.

More helpful resources from 5 Degrees Branding can be found here.

Lee Insko, Partner
Website | Email | 888-942-6608
Valued CCCU partner since 2015

Ardeo Education Solutions

Ardeo is a mission-driven company that helps colleges increase enrollment by providing Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAPs) that are smart for students and smart for institutions.

LRAPs are a compelling safety-net for students and provide a powerful promise: if income after graduation is modest, we’ll help repay your educational loans.

Roger Kieffer, Vice President of Client Service
Website | Email | 847-721-1251
Valued CCCU partner since 2010

Beyond 13 Agency

Beyond13 is an education vertical focused performance based digital marketing agency dedicated to assisting higher education institutions acquiring new students who are seeking for a degree online. We specialize in building strategic campaigns through our internal media efforts such as email marketing, social media and organic search to generate high-intent leads. With over 15 years of experience in the education vertical, our team of veterans have developed brands focused in the faith-based, healthcare, technology, bootcamps and certificate programs.


Valued CCCU partner since 2024


CampusEDU is a new online platform designed to link CCCU Institutions and share state of the art online courses taught by CCCU traditional faculty. In the next 12 months, CampusEDU will be launching a Discovery Tool, Traditional Online Courses and a Degree Audit Tool designed to link CCCU institutions together to share courses.

Darren Campbell, CEO
Website | Email | 765-661-0542
Valued CCCU partner since 2021


As a national full-service CPA and consulting firm devoted to serving higher education institutions and other nonprofits, CapinCrouse provides audit, accounting, tax, advisory, and cybersecurity services to help you achieve your mission. We’re here to support you with over 50 years of higher education expertise and a dedicated team of specialists.

Dan Campbell, Partner & Higher Education Services Director 

Website | Email | 505-50-CAPIN ext. 1452

Valued CCCU partner since 2005

CarterBaldwin Executive Search

CarterBaldwin is a retained executive search firm that partners with leading corporations, organizations, and educational institutions to help them build exceptional leadership teams. We have an established higher education practice that has placed presidents, provosts, and other top leaders at more than one-third of CCCU member colleges and universities as well as other private and public institutions.

Bill Peterson, Partner
Website | Email | LinkedIn | 678-448-0013
More helpful resources from CarterBaldwin can be found here.
Valued CCCU partner since 2022

Cornerstone Management

Cornerstone Management is a registered investment advisory firm located in Atlanta, GA serving Christian nonprofits nationwide.  For more than 30 years, we have provided an independent, turn-key solution to Christian higher education institutions through our comprehensive investment management, planned gift administration, and gift and estate design services.

More helpful resources from Cornerstone Management can be found here.
Karen Sillay, Business Development & Marketing Director | Email
Dan Prokop, Business Development Director | Email 
Website | 770-449-7799
Valued CCCU partner since 2004

Creative Dining Services

Creative Dining Services crafts personalized dining programs that express your unique academic culture and college brand while giving you an advantage in effectively recruiting and retaining college students. While each of our college dining programs is unique, our Creative Dining teams at 70+ accounts within 13 states all share the same belief that success happens with financial transparency (no invoice padding), integrity (doing what we say we will do), heightened oversight (our directors oversee fewer accounts so you get more attention), and culinary innovation (no static menus). Creative Dining relentlessly pursues and is committed to our mission: to be the most trustworthy, flexible, and attentive hospitality partner. For over 30 years, Creative Dining has and will continue to conduct our business according to Christian values and principles.

More helpful resources from Creative Dining Services can be found here.
Jim Eickhoff, President & CEO | Email
Josh Ferguson, Director of Business Development, Great Lakes Region | Email 
Susan Smith, Director of Business Development, Southern Region | Email
Website | 616-748-1700
Valued CCCU partner since 2009

Eerdmans Publishing Company

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company is an independent publishing house located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Hailed as “the best in religious literature,” Eerdmans publishes books that are deeply rooted in the Christian tradition, ecumenical in spirit, and appealing to academics, faith leaders, and general readers alike.

 More helpful resources from Eerdmans can be found here.

Anita Eerdmans, President and Publisher
Website | Email | 800-253-7521  

Valued CCCU partner since 2023


Engiven makes it easy for nonprofits to accept non-cash asset donations, such as cryptocurrency and stocks. With a few simple clicks, your giving widget will allow you to receive non-cash assets securely, automatically liquidate them to USD, and generate automated tax documentation for you and your donor.

Ryan Fox, VP of Strategic Partnerships
Website | Email | 619-333-0730 

Valued CCCU partner since 2023


enrollmentFUEL is a comprehensive Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) solutions provider. Our holistic, tailored, and institution-specific approach uses detailed analysis, emerging and proven technologies, actionable reporting, and targeted tactics to help you meet your enrollment goals.enrollmentFUEL provides specific, 360-degree solutions to meet your needs. For more information, visit  

Jay Fedje, Vice President of University Partnerships
Website | Email | 919-228-8122

Valued CCCU partner since 2019

FaithSearch Partners

FaithSearch Partners is the only retained executive search firm in the U.S. focusing exclusively on serving the complete spectrum of the faith-community, with a significant focus on Christian colleges and universities. Its consultants have experience in higher education leadership and governance, enabling a better understanding of the unique aspects of an academic search engagement. Our Higher Education practice is based in Dallas with locations in Houston, Atlanta, Denver, and Birmingham. FaithSearch has served higher-education clients from California to Maryland.

More helpful resources from FaithSearch Partners can be found here.

Andrew Westmoreland, Senior Vice President

Website | Email |205-332-7243

Valued CCCU partner since 2021

Gonser Gerber

Gonser Gerber LLP, founded in 1950 as the nation’s first comprehensive advancement consulting firm, provides clients with individually-crafted consulting relationships. Over 800 organizations have been served, many of whom are faith-based. These relationships result in innovative solutions, improved philanthropic performance, and goals achieved. Services include: advancement counsel; campaign readiness studies; campaign counsel; advancement program and foundation audits; executive search; strategic planning; Gonser Gerber Institute programs; and leadership development.

More helpful resources from Gonser Gerber LLP can be found here.

Jennifer Spuehler, Executive Director, Gonser Gerber Institute and Search
Website | Email | 630.505.1433

Valued CCCU partner since 2016

JenEd Consulting, LLC

Successful institutions start with a comprehensive strategy for online transformation. One that advances institutional mission and resonates with consumers and constituencies. One that thoughtfully and realistically outlines achievable, sustainable, and scalable results.
Let us help you build a strategic digital roadmap to success.
John Neal, President
WebsiteEmail 314-680-0655
Valued CCCU Partner since 2017


Kanahoma is a digital marketing agency proudly serving private, faith-based colleges and universities looking to grow enrollment in an increasingly crowded and complex market. Founded in 2020 by enrollment marketing expert Seth Odell (formerly SNHU), Kanahoma lives, works, and plays at the intersection of beautiful brand creative and effective direct response marketing.

 If you’re looking to grow your institution, Kanahoma is here to help. See how we’re different at 

Seth Odell, Founder & CEO, Kanahoma
Valued CCCU Partner since 2022

Keel Point

Keel Point serves institutions by providing customized investment services. We view each client relationship as a partnership, driven by communication and shared commitment to your mission, vision, values and goals. We are committed to maintaining our boutique culture, where proactive “high touch” customized client service is a priority. We would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your institution. 

More helpful resources from Keel Point can be found here.

Matt Kerr, CFA, CFP
WebsiteEmail | 423-362-4568
Valued CCCU partner since 2021

Martus Solutions

Martus helps colleges and universities simplify budgeting and reporting. Our cloud-based budgeting, forecasting, and reporting software integrates with more than 20 ERP and accounting systems for real-time data and actionable insights. 

With Martus, departments can create, execute, and analyze their budget in a fraction of the time it takes to set up and maintain a spreadsheet. Collaborate with your entire organization for easy budgeting, even if they’ve never used budgeting and reporting software before, while giving your finance team the data they need for detailed reporting. 

With Martus, budgeting and reporting is a breeze!

More helpful resources from Martus Solutions can be found here. 

Bill Cox, Founder & CEO
WebsiteEmail | (864) 671-1365
Valued CCCU partner since 2023

McRary Law

McRary Law is dedicated to providing high-quality faith-based legal counsel and services.  Practice areas include higher education law (Title IX, student affairs), investigations, and dispute resolution (mediations, Title IX informal resolutions, adjudications).  Effective, personable, affordable.  Former in-house counsel to a Christian university.  Licensed in NC.  Non-legal services available nationwide. 

More helpful resources can be found here.
Ian M. McRary, Owner & Attorney
Valued CCCU partner since 2024

Messiah University Graduate Programs

Are you ready to advance your career with a graduate degree or certificate? Messiah University graduate programs provide academic rigor and excellence through a convenient and flexible mix of learning options. Our ten programs include ten master’s degrees, two doctoral degrees, and numerous graduate certificates and post-master’s certificates. The coursework for most graduate programs is conducted primarily online, with some being fully online and others being fully residential. As an employee or graduate from a CCCU-affiliated school students will receive a 10% discount for specific programs.

More helpful resources from Messiah University Graduate Programs can be found here.

Messiah University Graduate Enrollment
WebsiteEmail | 717-796-5061
Founding member since 1976

Metz Culinary Management

Metz Culinary & Environmental Services works closely with you to create a customized hospitality program reflecting your campus culture.  Metz delivers fresh, “Chef Inspired” menu items and our facilities team makes certain your school’s grounds, classrooms, and offices are sparkling clean.  You have a trusted partner with Metz and we look forward to serving your students.    

John E. Geronimo, Vice President Sales
WebsiteEmail | 724-312-6758
Valued CCCU partner since 2018

National Management Resources

National Management Resources Corporation was founded in 1978. National provides services exclusively to private institutions of higher learning. Services include physical plant maintenance and repair, custodial, landscape, event planning and setups, security, and construction management. National tailors its services to meet the needs and goals of the clients they serve. With National, you can rest assured that your facilities look their best or recruitment, retention, and advancement. National helps make colleges and universities look picture perfect all of the time.

Barron Wood, Director of Business Development
Website | Email | 678-232-8716
Valued CCCU partner since 2009

Net Natives

Net Natives harness the power of data, cutting-edge technology, and deep sector knowledge to craft high-impact campaigns that revolutionize your student marketing efforts.


Valued CCCU partner since 2024

The Parish Group

The Parish Group is a full-service higher education marketing firm with 35 years of experience. The Parish Group uses tools of research, big data, student search, digital, common-sense branding, multichannel communications, and responsive photography and video to exceed our clients’ enrollment goals. We are also a Slate preferred partner. Together, we do BIG things.

Eric Bryan, VP of Enrollment Strategies
14 S. Pack Square, Suite 500, Asheville, NC 28801
Website | Email | 828-505-3000

Valued CCCU partner since 2022


Paskill is a leading higher education marketing agency that has been shaping the future of institutions since 1986.  Through collaborative partnerships and data-driven strategies, Paskill accelerates enrollment growth at colleges and universities nationwide. A Top 10 Higher Education Marketing Agency and a Top 10 Student Engagement Solutions Provider, Paskill has earned hundreds of industry awards for exceptional marketing creative. Creative that compels student action and brings enrollment funnels to life.

More helpful resources from Paskill can be found here.

Website | Email | 215-572-7938

Valued CCCU partner since 2003

Pharos Resources

Pharos Resources provides a comprehensive approach to improve student outcomes. Our unique software and approach will strengthen early alert, student care, and retention on your campus. Our relationship-focused perspective allows you to identify at-risk students, eliminate campus silos, increase student engagement, and enrich your culture of student success.

More helpful resources from Pharos Resources can be found here.

Matt Boisvert, President
Website | Email | 325-370-7190

Valued CCCU partner since 2010

PHRP Online Training

PHRP Online Training is a certification course meeting Federal requirements for those involved in human subjects research. It is available in multiple languages and offers a variety of CE credits.  We count a number of CCCU institutions among our subscribers. Contact us about our flexible and affordable group subscription plans.
Learn more about PHRP Online Training for institutions and individuals.

Trish Harsh, Institutional Sales Consultant 
Website | Email | 717-963-2910 (option 1)

Valued CCCU partner since 2019

Pioneer College Caterers

Pioneer College Caterers has been serving faith-based colleges, universities and seminaries exclusively since 1973. We serve 44 partners in 21 states, nationwide. With an unyielding commitment to relationships founded on integrity, trust, and a shared mission, we are honored 23 of our partners are CCCU members. For more information, please contact:

John Pierce, President
Website | Email | 888-432-3466

Valued CCCU partner since 1996

Remodel Health

Remodel Health is health benefits software for employers that helps save money and care better for employees. $24+ million have been regained back into these organizations by switching from old group plans into new individual benefits. Explore your full spectrum of options and learn how to rethink employee health benefits.

More helpful resources from Remodel Health can be found here.

John Staub, Health Benefits Consultant
Website | Email | 317-224-4267

Valued CCCU partner since 2019

Ruffalo Noel Levitz

We’re Here to Make Colleges, Universities, and Nonprofits Successful and Vibrant Through Inspired and Relevant Engagement.
For more than 40 years, colleges and nonprofit organizations have turned to Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) to enroll the students they want, help more students graduate and succeed, and build lifelong relationships with donors. Our mission is to make colleges, universities, and nonprofits successful and vibrant with inspired and relevant engagement with our team of experts.

More helpful resources from Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) can be found here.

Linda Hoopes, Vice President, Executive Partnerships
Website | Email | 800-876-1117

Valued CCCU partner since 1996


At Slingshot, the baseline is: every single student, every single course material, by the first day of class, at an affordable price. Slingshot offers Equitable Access course material delivery models, and complimentary services to help institutions operate a campus store, mailroom, or print operation. Whether institutions need software or people resources, they can tailor the solution to meet campus needs. Slingshot has offices and warehouses in Central Indiana and Las Vegas, NV. Learn more at Slingshot was formerly Tree of Life Bookstores.

Stephanie Rager, Vice President, Sales
Website | Email | 574-549-2008

Valued CCCU partner since 2010

Sovereign Insurance

As the Program Administrator for the CCCU Property & Liability Insurance Consortium, Sovereign is proud to help benefit Christian higher education by purchasing insurance together.  Since inception in 2019 the Consortium has helped save CCCU members nearly $1M off their insurance costs while increasing liability protection by an average of $20M.

More helpful resources from Sovereign Insurance can be found here.

Jeff Dromeshauser & Matt Hayes,
Partners at Sovereign & Program Administrators
Website | Email | 484-654-3392

Valued CCCU partner since 2017

Strata Leadership

Since 2009, Strata Leadership has invested thousands of hours developing effective, consistent leaders through character and competence-based coaching and training programs. From equipping emerging leaders to refreshing busy executives, our mission is Elevating Life at Work. Partner with Strata Leadership for your executive coaching and leadership development needs.

Learn more about Strata Leadership here.

Valued CCCU partner since 2024


Vanderbloemen is an executive search firm that serves teams with a greater purpose by aligning their people solutions for growth: hiring, compensation, succession, and culture. Through its retained executive search and consulting services, Vanderbloemen serves churches, schools, nonprofits, family offices, and values-based businesses in the United States and internationally in hiring and succession planning.

More helpful resources from Vanderbloemen can be found here.

Brian Jensen, Executive Search Consultant
Website | Email | 713-300-9665

Valued CCCU partner since 2019


Virtuous is a single issue company: we believe generosity has the power to create profound change in the world and in the heart of the giver. It’s our mission to help nonprofits better connect with and inspire their supporters. We are a software company partnering with nonprofits to adopt responsive technology including: CRM, marketing and automation, giving, events, and volunteer management. 

More helpful resources from Virtuous can be found here.

Will Shiffelbein, Executive Nonprofit Advisor
Website | Email | (719) 776-0238

Valued CCCU partner since 2022

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