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The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities is a higher education association of more than 180 Christian institutions around the world. Founded in 1976, the organization represents campuses across the globe, including more than 150 in the U.S. and Canada and more than 30 from an additional 18 countries. Our online Valued Partners Directory gives organizations the opportunity to showcase their connection to Christian higher education by providing detailed descriptions of relevant products and services with links directly to their website.

5 Degrees Branding

5 Degrees Branding is a creative brand-building agency specializing in enrollment marketing, institutional branding, and website development for independent colleges and seminaries. 5° has helped 15 CCCU institutions across the country grow and tell their unique stories in new and compelling ways via digital and print solutions.

Lee Insko, Partner
Website | Email | 888-942-6608
Valued CCCU partner for 3 years

Ardeo Education Solutions

Ardeo is a mission-driven company that helps colleges increase enrollment by providing Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAPs) that are smart for students and smart for institutions.

LRAPs are a compelling safety-net for students and provide a powerful promise: if income after graduation is modest, we’ll help repay your educational loans.

Roger Kieffer, Vice President of Client Service
Website | Email | 847-721-1251
Valued CCCU partner for 10 years

Asset Strategy Consultants

ASC has supported and serviced Higher-Ed for almost three decades. Whether it be traditional consulting, out-sourced CIO (OCIO), or advising on 403(b) Plans, we can help grow endowments/foundations and retirement plans using customized solutions and a depth of resources. ASC assists institutional clients in managing investment risk and achieving long-term investment goals. Headquartered in Maryland, ASC has three other offices along the East Coast.

India G. Suter, Director of Business Development
Website | Email | 410-528-8282, 1037
Valued CCCU partner for 2 years


CampusEDU is a new online platform designed to link CCCU Institutions and share state of the art online courses taught by CCCU traditional faculty. In the next 12 months, CampusEDU will be launching a Discovery Tool, Traditional Online Courses and a Degree Audit Tool designed to link CCCU institutions together to share courses.

Darren Campbell, CEO
Website | Email | 765-661-0542
Valued CCCU partner for 10 years


As a national full-service CPA and consulting firm devoted to serving higher education institutions and other nonprofits, CapinCrouse provides audit, accounting, tax, advisory, and cybersecurity services to help you achieve your mission. We’re here to support you with over 45 years of higher education expertise and a dedicated team of specialists.

Dan Campbell, Partner & Higher Education Services Director 

Website | Email | 505-50-CAPIN ext. 1452
Valued CCCU partner for 10 years

Christian Community Credit Union

At Christian Community Credit Union, faith and finances go hand in hand. We help you and your students save more, earn more so you can give more. Enjoy 24/7 account access and shared branches nationwide. Get God-honoring banking where your money helps advance God’s Kingdom.

Suzee Ramirez, Relationship Development Officer III
Website | Email | 800-347-2228, 6249
Valued CCCU partner for 2 years

Computer Comforts

Since 1987, Computer Comforts, Inc. has built a reputation for manufacturing innovative computer furniture and providing exceptional customer service.  Now evolved into a turnkey educational furniture manufacturer, Computer Comforts has helped 10 of the CCCU Institutions outfit a variety of different learning environments on their campuses. We are also leading the way in furniture designs for emerging teaching methods, such as Active Learning, SCALE-UP, Flipped Classrooms and Collaborative.

Samantha Halili, Sales Support & Marketing
Website | Email | 281-535-2288
Valued CCCU partner for 2 years


InterLearn is a higher education consulting company focused on developing curriculum for online programs. Our goal is to design programs and offer services that support your growth and help you accomplish your mission in the areas of curriculum design, student recruiting, accreditation, financial aid, and staff and faculty search.

Dr. Joshua T. Fischer, President
Website | Email | 918-895-1185 
Valued CCCU partner for 3 years


JobfitMatters is a Christian executive search firm serving CCCU member institutions for over 25 years in presidential and cabinet-level searches.  Our proprietary process for understanding giftedness and fit has led to flourishing and longevity in the 100+ education searches we have completed.

Laura Coverstone | Email
Ed Poff | Email
Website | 615-261-4623
Valued CCCU partner for 5 years

National Management Resources

National Management Resources Corporation was founded in 1978. National provides services exclusively to private institutions of higher learning. Services include physical plant maintenance and repair, custodial, landscape, event planning and setups, security, and construction management. National tailors its services to meet the needs and goals of the clients they serve. With National, you can rest assured that your facilities look their best or recruitment, retention, and advancement. National helps make colleges and universities look picture perfect all of the time.

Barron Wood, Director of Business Development
Website | Email | 678-232-8716
Valued CCCU partner for 12 years


Paymerang’s award-winning electronic payables solution provides a simple, secure and profitable way to pay your vendors-saving clients hundreds of hours each year and reducing the risk of payment fraud. Paymerang processes billions in payments annually for clients from coast to coast in all verticals and includes over 200,000 suppliers who receive payments electronically.

Brian Cook, Senior Vice President
Website | Email | 804-317-9229
Valued CCCU partner for 1 year

Pioneer College Caterers

Pioneer College Caterers has been serving faith-based colleges, universities and seminaries exclusively since 1973. We serve 44 partners in 21 states, nationwide. With an unyielding commitment to relationships founded on integrity, trust, and a shared mission, we are honored 20 of our partners are CCCU members. For more information, please contact:

John Pierce, President
Website | Email | 888-432-3466
Valued CCCU partner for 26 years


Progressus Education Services offers training and curriculum for your students in the area of quality management. Progressus also provides quality management training and application services to support accreditation and achieve quality institutional improvements and sustainable growth.  Progressus is a higher education affiliate partner of the Quality Management Institute. 

Dr. Joshua T. Fischer, President
Website | Email | 918-895-1185
Valued CCCU partner for 3 years

Revelations in Business© Seminar: Connecting Your Business Plan with God’s Purpose and Plan for Your Life

This interactive, engaging program, delivered onsite and virtually, is designed for Students, Faculty, and Staff. It includes Biblical Principles, Practical Tools, and Real-Life Examples for achieving your spiritual goals in cadence with your professional objectives.

“Shelette Stewart is not only a respected business leader, she is a committed Christian with a servant’s heart for helping others succeed.”

- Dan T. Cathy, Chairman and CEO, Chick-fil-A

Dr. K. Shelette Stewart, Instructor and Author 
Website | Email | 214-636-1240 
Valued CCCU partner for 2 years

Sovereign Insurance

As the Program Administrator for the CCCU Property & Liability Insurance Consortium, Sovereign is proud to help benefit Christian higher education by purchasing insurance together.  Since inception in 2019 the Consortium has helped save CCCU members nearly $1M off their insurance costs while increasing liability protection by an average of $20M.

Jeff Dromeshauser & Matt Hayes,
Partners at Sovereign & Program Administrators
Website | Email | 484-654-3392
Valued CCCU partner for 5 years

Stewart Consulting, LLC

Stewart Consulting, LLC takes a Christian worldview approach to developing strategic plans and programs for higher ed institutions, including many CCCU members, to help them pivot and thrive during unprecedented times. Dr. K. Shelette Stewart is a Harvard University graduate and Fulbright Specialist with over 20 years of leadership experience with prominent organizations including Harvard Business School.

Dr. K. Shelette Stewart, Founder & Principal
Website | Email | 214-636-1240 
Valued CCCU partner for 2 years


TimelyMD is a convenient and cost-effective way for students to receive medical and mental health support for common conditions that can be safely and accurately diagnosed and treated online. TimelyMD allows students to access a doctor or mental health provider 24/7/365 anywhere in the United States via a short and secure video or phone visit.

Pete Blaisdell, Senior VP, University Health
Website | Email | 817-929-3790
Valued CCCU partner for 3 years

Tree of Life

For years, Tree of Life has been offering its Textbook Butler service. Textbook Butler is a subscription-based program that provides students all their course materials, by the first day of class, at an affordable price. Materials can be physical or digital; with on campus or ship to home delivery options.

Stephanie Rager, Vice President, Sales
Website | Email | 574-549-2008
Valued CCCU partner for 10 years

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