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‘Between the Shadow & the Light’ Art Exhibit Begins Cross-Country Tour

WASHINGTON – A new traveling exhibition, which features art created by North American and African artists following a joint trip to South Africa cosponsored by the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, has begun a multi-year tour across the United States.

Contemporary Music Center's Inaugural 'HoloTour' a Success

WASHINGTON – The most recent group of students at BestSemester’s Contemporary Music Center in Nashville, Tennessee, can add a new accomplishment to their resume: Successfully complete a 10-day, student-led “HoloTour,” a music tour with a musician who isn’t on any of the actual stages.

2014-2015 CCCU Tuition Survey Results Now Available

WASHINGTON – The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities has released the results of its 30th annual report on tuition and fees at its U.S. member institutions. The report confirms that CCCU institutions continue to offer an excellent value in comparison to other private four-year U.S. colleges.


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