Coordinated Assessment Project

Surveys offered in 2015-16

Our focus this Fall will be the Satisfaction-Priorities Surveys from Ruffalo Noel Levitz.  

We will also coordinate a CCCU consortia for NSSE.

Please register for CAP here.

Fall Administration -  Satisfaction-Priorities Surveys

Administration Dates:  October 19 – November 15, 2015

For institutions that are participating in 2015-2016 CCCU Coordinated Assessment Project (CAP), special pricing is available for the:

  • Student Satisfaction Inventory (for surveying your student body across all class levels);
  • Parent Satisfaction Inventory (for surveying the parents of your currently enrolled students); and
  • Institutional Priorities Survey (for surveying the perceptions of your faculty, administration, and staff on the student experience).

Download the brochure to learn more about the packages available.

Select the package that is appropriate for your institution, based on the combination of instruments that you would like to administer. Please note that only Package A includes a base number of survey instruments. For all other packages, the fee for the survey instruments is in addition to the base price. Packages B and C include discounting on the reporting fees. Individual survey instruments for the SSI are at a discounted rate of $2.00 per instrument. The PSI and

IPS survey rates are the already low, standard rate of $1.70.

All packages include a comparison with the participating CCCU schools for the fall 2015 administration. This comparison is only available to institutions registered for this year’s CAP.


For more information and questions contact:
Nita Stemmler, Program Consultant, CCCU or 519-251-0878519-251-0878