Multi-Ethnic Leadership Development Institute


2024 Multi-Ethnic Leadership Development Institute (M-E LDI) | June 6-10, 2024 | Sumas, Washington


The Multi-Ethnic Leadership Development Institute (M-E LDI) encourages emerging leaders of color from CCCU institutions to pursue broader leadership responsibilities through a year-long mentorship program. From June 6-10, 2024, approximately 20-22 emerging leaders of color will gather at Cedar Springs Christian Retreat Center (located near the Canadian border in Sumas, WA).

Our goal during these days together is to create opportunities for conversation, provide supportive networking, and equip Christian leaders of color with the knowledge to discern their professional path in Christian higher education. The sessions will include, but are not limited to, what it means to be a cabinet-level leader, best leadership practices, and understanding/responding to competing campus interests in diversity discussions. We invite applications from current faculty and staff of color who sense a giftedness and calling to consider and/or advance into leadership roles within their Christian campuses. Facilitators will be senior-level CCCU leaders, offering a program that combines substantive leadership content in addition to time for reflective soul-care in a prayed-over setting that invites hearing God’s voice and direction.

The M-E LDI will include the following components:

  • A year-long leadership development program that begins with M-ELDI at Cedar Springs
  • An individually tailored “shadowing” experience of 2-3 days with a senior-level leader on another CCCU campus
  • Professional networking with current and emerging leaders
  • Discussion of cutting-edge leadership issues
  • A one-on-one meeting with a Resource Team member to outline a year-long Professional Development Plan
  • Opportunities to interact about leadership lessons, case studies, and best practices from within and beyond Christian higher education

An application is required to participate.


“M-E LDI is nothing short of divine intervention for leaders of color looking to identify and address challenges that will help them make progress towards fulfilling their calling. The unique blend of impactful Spirit-led devotions, professional workshops, deep conversations, and unforgettable time with peers is a perfect formula for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Attending M-E LDI has been a life-altering experience.”

“The M-E LDI allowed me an opportunity to learn more about myself, my leadership potential, and the next steps that I need to take in my professional development. It was more than gaining new information; instead, it provided a new perspective on how I can serve better His kingdom, and going through this process with others who have a similar journey was invaluable. I would recommend the M-ELDI to anyone who seeks using his or her skills to make a more significant impact on the lives of the next generation through Christian higher education.”

“The M-E LDI was not only helpful to my professional development as a person of color and a woman, but I also realized that it was a place for my soul to be refreshed. As whole people, we cannot neglect the care of all of ourselves for the sake of the communities that we serve. We cannot give what we do not have.”

“The M-E LDI experience will twist, stretch, press and grow any individual. The best part however, is at the end of the M- E LDI journey – you realize that you were transformed without even noticing.”


The application deadline is March 8, 2024. However, we encourage participants to submit their materials before the deadline.


All-Inclusive Registration Fee: $1,500

This registration fee includes all-inclusive lodging (single room) and meals at Cedar Springs, transportation to and from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac), materials, and program costs.

Upon acceptance to M-E LDI, you will be required to immediately complete registration and pay the all-inclusive fee.

Cancellation Policy
You may cancel your full registration or any special event associated with your registration at any time prior to the start of the program.  Please note that a cancellation will not result in a return of funds.  If your register and fail to attend an event, no funds will be returned.  If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at (202) 546-8713.

Application Process for 2024

Preference will be given to applicants who: (1) hold a doctorate or are actively considering/pursuing doctoral studies; (2) are recognized as “up-and- comers” with demonstrated leadership skills and the potential for future senior-level leadership; (3) provide evidence of increasing levels of leadership responsibility within and/or beyond higher education.

Accepted applicants must agree to be actively engaged in the following program components:

  • Completion of their specific institute-related readings
  • Participation in the entire June Institute at Cedar Springs
  • Development and fulfillment of a year-long Professional Development Plan
  • Interaction with a Resource Leader to identify a tailor-made shadowing site and mentor

Submission of a written shadowing report upon completion of the campus visit.

Thank you for your interest in the 2024 CCCU Multi-Ethnic Leadership Development Institute! This application has three components:

Step 1: Essay Questions

Step 2: Online Application

Registration Deadline – February 28, 2024

Step 3: References

Prepare a Word document responding briefly to each of the following questions (no more than one page per question):

  1. Describe your higher education leadership experience in faculty and/or administrative roles, indicating evidence of increasing areas of responsibility. Also, please describe what you discern to be your gifts and abilities that allow you to be effective in leadership.  In what specific ways have your leadership gifts been affirmed by others?
  2. Identify and briefly describe three individuals who have been, or have the potential to be, professional mentors to you in higher education. Explain what characteristics have led you to include each of these three individuals (e.g., attributes and abilities you deem to be important in such a mentor) and note what current relationship, if any, you have with each of these individuals.
  3. Describe briefly your professional, personal, and spiritual goals for the next 3-5 years as you consider the possibility of administrative leadership in Christian higher education. Briefly describe those areas that you perceive to need strengthening as you consider future leadership roles.  Please incorporate your preliminary thinking about the components that might be important to you in your shadowing experience and year-long Professional Development Plan.

If you have not already prepared your essay questions, please exit the application and complete those before completing the online application. You cannot save your progress.

Complete the Online Application. This application is broken down into four components:

  1. Applicant Information
  2. Essay Questions Submission Portal
  3. CV Submission Portal
  4. References Acknowledgment

You must complete all components of the application before submitting. We recommend that you prepare your essay questions and CV prior to starting.


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Each applicant must have two references:

  1. One letter of reference from a senior-level administrator (current or previous) who is familiar with your professional abilities and leadership potential.
  2. One letter of reference from someone in higher education who knows you well and is qualified to address areas of competence and potential, character, areas of giftedness, and spiritual maturity.

Your referees must submit their reference letters in our Reference Submission Portal, linked at the end of this application.

Please note, incomplete applications will not be considered.

If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact Jill Hartness at with the subject “2024 LDI <Applicant Name>” or “2024 MELDI <Applicant Name>”.

Complete the Reference Submission Form Here

Location and Transportation

The entire workshop program will take place at the Cedar Springs Retreat Center. The closest airport to the Cedar Springs facility is Seattle-Tacoma (Sea-Tac) International Airport (SEA). A charter bus will transport participants to and from Sea-Tac airport only (cost is included in your registration fee). Participants must arrange their own transportation from any other airport.



Meet the facilitators for the 2024 Multi-Ethnic Leadership Development Institute.

Dr. Keith Hall
Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer, Azusa Pacific University

Shirley Hoogstra
President, CCCU

Irene Neller
Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing & Communications, Westmont College

Dr. Ted Song
Chief Innovation Officer, John Brown University

Dr. Jessica Taylor
President, Multnomah University

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