CCCU Library Leadership Webinar Series

Sep 20 - May 9, 2023


Tackle the current challenges of today’s academic libraries with a group of thought partners in CCCU library leadership across the United States and Canada. Each webinar will address a current issue through presentations and breakout discussions.

The Library Leadership Webinar series values collegiality and collaboration in thinking about tough topics. Current CCCU library deans and directors are encouraged to register.

The registration fee covers all 5 webinars in the series. Participants will receive a link for the webinars after registration is complete. Participants who register after the first webinar will receive the link(s) to recordings from the presentations given in earlier webinars. Breakout room discussions from the webinars will not be recorded.


All webinars will begin at 2 PM Central Time

Webinar 1: The State of Baccalaureate Education at CCCU Schools 

Stan Rosenberg, Vice President for Research and Scholarship, CCCU

Webinar 2: Assessment-based Advocacy for Your Library Presenter

Tonya Fawcett, Director of Library Services at Grace College & Seminary

Everybody loves libraries, we see “I ❤ libraries” on bumper stickers and window clings.  No one would dare to say they didn’t like the library, especially an administrator.  But, do they value the library?  Is the library supported financially, with staff, and space?  Are librarians respected on campus for their contribution to academics?

I wish there were a magic wand to reverse all the budget and staffing cuts, and the space losses in our libraries, and assure that librarians were represented on every major campus committee.  As librarians, we have often done a poor job of advocating for the libraries and telling our stories.

One of the roles we must embrace is library advocacy. We know our story best, but are we telling our story?  There are a number of tools and methods we can use.  Assessment of library Impact and Value is one assessment tool.  Part of telling our story is learning to take the results of our assessments to communicate our value to all who will listen.  Part of the communication is aligning with others’ goals and values.  It may be stepping outside our traditional roles or comfort zones, but all with the purpose of advocating for our academic library.

Webinar 3: Being a Good Neighbor in Shared Spaces

Panel Discussion facilitated by Shannon Eaves, Director of Zondervan Library at Taylor University

What do you do when outside departments are moved into the library?  How can librarians make their spaces more welcoming to new departments?  Is it ever a good thing to have other departments in the library?  Learn from experienced library leaders as well as colleagues from outside the library whose departments have relocated into the library.

Webinar 4: Controlled Digital Lending

Jim Darlack, Senior Director of the Library & Associate Professor at Vanguard University

This presentation will explore the concept of Controlled Digital Lending and current discussions on how libraries can provide remote electronic access to physical collections. Current examples of Controlled Digital Lending will be explored, including options that can be implemented at a relatively low cost.

Webinar 5: The Future of the CCCU Library

CCCU Library Leadership Council

The CCCU Library Leadership Council will review several documents discussing the future of libraries in general and what might be of interest or concern for CCCU libraries. Documents will include the 2022 Chronicle of Higher Education’s report The Library of the Future and OCLC’s 2021 New Model Library: Pandemic effects and library directions.


Jim Darlack

Shannon Eaves

Tonya Fawcett

Stan Rosenberg

Stan Rosenberg


CCCU library deans and directors are invited to register for the Library Leadership Webinar Series. The registration fee will cover all 5 webinars. There is no cancellation option for this event, you will receive a recording.

Registration is $25 for all 5 webinars.

Save the Date!

The in-person CCCU Library Leadership Institute will be held at Messiah University in Mechanicsburg, PA from July 12-14 2023