CCCU Doctoral Ed Council - Christian-Oriented Mission

September 28, 2023


In this webinar, Dr. Perry Glanzer, Professor of Educational Foundations at Baylor University, will address the “scandal” in Christian graduate education—that is, the tension doctoral programs face in living out and showcasing their Christian distinctiveness.

Please join us in grappling with this essential, overriding question. This session will feature Dr. Glanzer’s presentation, Q&A, and conversation in break-out sessions with like-minded colleagues.

All faculty and administrators involved in doctoral education are welcome!

In preparation see Dr. Glanzer’s recent article, entitled The Scandal of Christian Graduate Education: And Some Proposals for Change.

The Doctoral Education Council’s (DEC) mission is to foster the development of strong and diverse doctoral programs among CCCU institutions by promoting collaboration among doctoral program directors, doctoral faculty, and those with oversight over doctoral education who wish to benefit from networking with their peers.


The webinar will take place at 2 PM CT on Thursday, September 28


Dr. Perry Glanzer