Collaborative Assessment Project (CAP)


The Collaborative Assessment Project (CAP) orients CCCU members around a common set of campus assessments that help us provide empirical evidence that Christian higher education is indeed a significant and valuable enterprise. CAP’s common assessments provide sector norms for institutional benchmarking, while its cyclical nature empowers participating schools to examine their institutional effectiveness over time through longitudinal data analysis.

Involvement in CAP is a valuable opportunities for your institution to collect data from your students that can be helpful in improving student success, preparing for accreditation, and data-driven strategic planning.

Please review program details and benefits below:

This year the CAP initiative is focusing on The Thriving Campus – a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach for identifying the elements of your campus that can enable more of your students to engage in the college experience academically, interpersonally, and psychologically. The initiative will be year-long, assessing not only undergrad and grad students (Fall 2022), but also faculty and staff (Spring 2023). It will continue to be coordinated by Dr. Laurie Schreiner’s team at Azusa Pacific University. The CCCU will sponsor the initiative, but all processes and payments will be managed through the  Thriving in College web portal.

CAP Registration

CAP Registration

CAP Instruments for 2022-23:

  • Fall 2022 Undergraduate/Graduate/Adult Student Thriving Quotient
  • Spring 2023 Faculty/Staff Thriving Quotient

CAP Cost: $750 per instrument or all three instruments (student, faculty, staff) for $1250

CAP Registration Deadlines:
November 11, 2022

Programs Details and Benefits

The Collaborative Assessment Project (CAP) has been an ongoing project of the CCCU since 2000. This newly designed version of the project was developed as a result of consultation and needs assessment with our members and key peer group personnel.

To register your institution to participate in the Collaborative Assessment Project for 2022-23, please go to the CAP Registration Form.

Please direct any questions you may have to Jeff Clawson.

• A regular assessment cycle CCCU members can count on
• Benchmarking to national norms as well as CCCU members and affiliates
• Disaggregated comparative data by race/ethnicity.
• Predictive models, action plans, and free webinars on how to use your results


Focus for 2022-2023

Student Thriving Quotient

You can learn more about the Thriving Quotient here:


Register by November 11, 2022

Registration Process:

  1. Register for CAP
  2. Register on the TQ website using the CCCU Registration link


NSSE is administered to a random sample of your first-year students and seniors and assesses behaviors by students and institutions that are associated with desired outcomes of college to learn the areas where your institution is performing well and aspects of the undergraduate experience that could be improved. NSSE will be administered in Spring 2023, however, NSSE registration must be completed by November 11, 2022.


Register with CAP: October 15, 2021

Register with NSSE: October 1, 2021
Click here to go to NSSE website.

Spring Administration: February, 2022


Upcoming webinars will be announced soon.