Collaborative Assessment Project (CAP)


The Collaborative Assessment Project (CAP) orients CCCU members around a common set of campus assessments that help us provide empirical evidence that Christian higher education is a significant and valuable enterprise. CAP’s common assessments provide sector norms for institutional benchmarking, while its cyclical nature empowers participating schools to examine their institutional effectiveness over time through longitudinal data analysis.

Involvement in CAP is a valuable opportunity for your institution to collect data from your students, which can help improve student success, prepare for accreditation, and develop data-driven strategic planning.

Please review the program details and benefits below:

The surveys for the 2024-25 academic year are the Student, Faculty, and Staff surveys from The Thriving Project. The CAP registration fee is $250 (all standard fees apply when registering for The Thriving Project).

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CAP 2024-25 Instruments

The Thriving Project:

  • $750 per instrument
  • Free additional target group report ($250 value)
  • 25% discount for CCCU institutions administering more than one instrument
  • Click here to see the CAP flyer for CCCU institutions.
  • Click here for more information about The Thriving Project on the Thriving website.


  • Student Thriving: Intellectual, interpersonal, and psychological well-being and engagement.
  • Faculty Thriving: Meaningful engagement, institutional affinity, affirmed value, student impact, and relational support.
  • Staff Thriving: Meaningful engagement, positive relationships, well-being, and accomplishment.

CAP Cost: $250 to participate in one or more instruments (all standard fees apply when registering for The Thriving Project). If your institution is not utilizing The Thriving Project this academic year, you may still register and participate in CAP and benefit from the data analyses from The Thriving Project.

CAP Registration Deadlines:
November 27, 2024

Click here to register for the 2024-25 Collaborative Assessment Project

Programs Details and Benefits

Beginning in 2000, The Collaborative Assessment Project (CAP)  has produced research and data to help CCCU member institutions improve student satisfaction, engagement, retention, and success. Each year CAP compiles data across CCCU institutions and compares that information against national private college benchmarks.

Please direct any questions you may have to Jeff Clawson.

• A regular assessment cycle CCCU members can count on.
• Benchmarking to national norms as well as CCCU members and affiliates.
• Additional Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) and The Thriving Project reports issued to CCCU consortium participants (over a $500 value).
• Predictive models, action plans, and free webinars (developed and hosted by the CCCU).


The CCCU will host three seminars in the during the Winter, Spring, and early Summer of 2025. These webinars will include additional analyses from the aggregated CCCU consortium data, practical applications of that information, and strategies to help Institutional Research and Institutional Effectiveness professionals communicate this information to the decision makers on their campuses.

Webinar dates and times are forthcoming.