Collaborative Assessment Project (CAP)


The Collaborative Assessment Project (CAP) orients CCCU members around a common set of campus assessments that help us provide empirical evidence that Christian higher education is indeed a significant and valuable enterprise. CAP’s common assessments provide sector norms for institutional benchmarking, while its cyclical nature empowers participating schools to examine their institutional effectiveness over time through longitudinal data analysis.

Involvement in CAP is a valuable opportunities for your institution to collect data from your students that can be helpful in improving student success, preparing for accreditation, and data-driven strategic planning.

CAP has a registration Fee of $300. Review program details and benefits below.


Registration Form

CAP Registration

CAP Instruments for 2019-20:

CAP Cost: $300

CAP Registration Deadlines*:

  • RNL SSI – October 5, 2019
  • CCCU Alumni Survey – February 28, 2020
  • HERI Faculty Survey – February 28, 2020

*Please note that you will still need to register with Ruffalo/NoelLevitz and HERI directly.

Programs Details and Benefits

The Collaborative Assessment Project (CAP) has been an ongoing project of the CCCU since 2000. This newly designed version of the project was developed as a result of consultation and needs assessment with our members and key peer group personnel.

The annual institutional membership fee for CAP is $300
Note: This does not include registration fees for the surveys featured this year, which vary by institutional size and are paid directly to the survey provider.

To register your institution to participate in the Collaborative Assessment Project for 2019-20, please go to the CAP Registration Form.

Please direct any questions you may have to Nita Stemmler at

• A regular assessment cycle CCCU members can count on
• Benchmarking to national norms and other private institutions, as well as CCCU members and affiliates
• Disaggregated comparative data by race/ethnicity, gender, SES, generation status
• Newsletters, web updates, and email blasts about how to use your results

Additional services available upon request:
• Phone consultation about your results
• Predictive analytics by target groups (additional fee)
• Retention audits at a reduced price
• On-campus consultations at a reduced price

Focus for 2019-2020

Ruffalo Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory

The Ruffalo Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) will be the featured instrument for the fall
2019 CCCU Collaborative Assessment Project (CAP). You must be registered for this year’s CAP to get the
package pricing and CCCU comparison report. The CAP fee should be paid directly to the CCCU.

You can learn more about the SSI here:

For questions on how to administer and to move forward with placing your order for this year, please
contact Shannon Cook at 800-876-1117 or via email at

Please review the following timeline and pricing information.


Now – October 2019: Contact Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) to place your survey order. Materials will be
shipped to campuses and/or online accounts will be set up as orders are received. Allow two weeks for
paper materials and/or online account set up.

September 2019: RNL will host a Pre-Administration Webinar for CCCU institutions participating in CAP
to provide guidance for a successful survey administration. (Date to be determined).

October 14 – November 15, 2019: This is the official window for the SSI (and optional add-on surveys) to
be administered on campuses, but contact RNL to discuss options to start earlier or end later as needed.

December 2019: Results will be delivered to individual campuses including CCCU Comparison results.

January 2020: RNL will host a Post-Administration Webinar to review the results with the campuses and
to provide direction on ways to use the data for decision making. (Date to be determined).

Survey Administration
The Student Satisfaction Inventory is the primary Ruffalo Noel Levitz instrument for the 2019 CCCU CAP. Institutions may also order optional add-on survey instruments for the Institutional Priorities Survey (IPS) and the Parent Satisfaction Inventory (PSI), as well as the Adult Student Priorities Survey (ASPS) and the Priorities Survey for Online Learners (PSOL). Special discounts for the CCCU are included in the prices quoted here.

Student Satisfaction Inventory™ Reporting Package

$425 reporting package fee includes the following reports. The cost of survey instruments and online
administration fees (if applicable) are additional. A 5% service fee also applies to the reporting package.

  • SSI vs. National Comparison report
  • SSI vs. CCCU Comparison report
  • SSI Year to Year report for fall 2019 vs. latest on file, if applicable

NOTE: Surveys must be ordered separately; no surveys are included in the reporting package.
Survey instrument costs:

SSI Paper Administration: Surveys available at a discounted rate of $2.00 each, plus 5% service fee (must be ordered in quantities of 25)

SSI Online Administration: Invitation fee of $0.25 per invited student and a discounted rate of $2.00 for each completed survey, plus 5% service fee.

For more information download the RNL CCCU Flyer: Ruffalo Noel Levitz CCCU CAP Packages 2019

September 2019: RNL will host a Pre-Administration Webinar for CCCU institutions participating in CAP
to provide guidance for a successful survey administration. (Date to be determined).

January 2020: RNL will host a Post-Administration Webinar to review the results with the campuses and
to provide direction on ways to use the data for decision making. (Date to be determined).

CCCU Alumni Survey

CCCU Alumni Survey_Full Version 2020

This is a significant moment in Christian higher education, as changing demographics and a changing landscape across higher education makes it vital for us to provide strong evidence of the value of a Christian college education. In our efforts to build a body of evidence about the impact of a CCCU education on life after college, we are conducting our second CCCU Alumni Survey in spring 2020.

The additional cost to administer the CCCU survey or to submit your own alumni results from your own survey is an additional $100.00.

Alumni Survey specifics:

  • This year, only the CCCU Survey will be administered and the data from this survey used for reports.
  • When you register, please include the contact person’s name, position title, phone and email to ensure the link is sent to the correct person.
  • It will take 10 days to set-up your custom URL.  Please let us know the date when you plan to administer the survey.

Administration Window: February 17 – May 15, 2020




HERI Faculty Survey


Are your faculty using advanced pedagogy in the classroom? More so than your peer institutions?
In what areas are your faculty most satisfied? Is it different for associate professors Adjuncts?
How do your faculty view institutional priorities?
How do your faculty experience the campus climate?
Where are areas for growth and improvement?

2019-2020 Registration Opens Summer 2019
CCCU Administration begins Spring 2020

Using the HERI Faculty Survey

Your faculty are essential to the main educational mission at your institution. Given their importance, it is vital to monitor aspects of their experience.

The HERI Faculty Survey provides institutions with a comprehensive, research-based picture of key aspects of the faculty experience. Since 1989 over 1,100 two-and four- year institutions have used results from this survey to connect faculty practices, values and priorities to institutional success and drive improvement efforts.

The HERI Faculty Survey is designed to provide institutions with actionable information on important and timely issues. It includes topics such as pedagogical practices, faculty goals and expectations for students, research and service activities, sources of stress and satisfaction, and the connection between learning in the classroom and practices in the local and global community.

Results from the HERI Faculty Survey have been used in strategic planning, faculty recruitment and retention, faculty development activities, assessment and accreditation, and discussions relating pedagogy to student learning experiences.

The HERI Faculty Survey includes:

  • CCCU benchmarking to national norms and other private institutions, as well as CCCU members
    and affiliates
  • A web-based “core” instrument that all institutions administer with optional modules. Modules are brief sets of related items that institutions may elect to use or not use based on their mission, goals, and needs
    Special sections for faculty teaching graduate students and part-time faculty
  • The opportunity to add up to 5 open-ended and up to 30 closed-ended institutional or consortium questions
    The ability to select peer comparison groups for your institutional reporting
  • You will receive an institutional profile, which includes institutional results broken out by sex and comparisons with other similar institutions. Separate reports in the institutional profile detail findings for full-time, part-time and graduate faculty separately. Institutions also receive a data file of your faculty responses, a PowerPoint Presentation summarizing results, and a monograph of the national results.


The HERI Faculty Survey is a web-based survey. It is administered triennially to faculty at two- and four-year colleges. Each institution selects its own sample. The HERI Faculty Survey is meant to be used with all faculty, be they full- or part-time, graduate faculty, or administrators with teaching responsibilities. Each institution has the ability to customize the survey for their administration.

Additional fees charged by HERI.

Register directly with HERI to administer this survey.

Additional CCCU questions are used for this survey.


Upcoming Webinars will be announced soon.