Staff Directory

Based in Washington, D.C., the CCCU staff works diligently to support its institutions in their work of advancing faith and intellect for the common good. Visit our CCCU GlobalEd website to see the staff on our experiential education programs.

Joanna Barnhouse

Joanna Barnhouse, M.A.

Director of Development

CyBelle Barthelmess, Ed.D.

Director in Residence, American Studies Program

Mandi Bolton

Mandi Bolton

Vice President for Finance and Administration

Don DeGraaf, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Educational Programs

Jacob Dunlap, M.P.P.

Legislative Assistant

Tamara Dypsky

Tamara Dypsky


Katyrn Ferrance

Katryn J. Ferrance

Art and Brand Manager & Graphic Designer

Gabriel Fornaresio

Gabriel Fornaresio

Data Manager

Riley Gustat

Admissions Coordinator

Alan Haven

Alan Haven

Marketing Specialist

Greta Hays

Greta Hays

Senior Director of Communications & Public Affairs

Shirely Hoogstra

Shirley V. Hoogstra, J.D.


Casey Lamar Staff Photo

Casey Lamar, M.B.A.

Senior Director of Human Resources

Jeri Mahurin

Jeri Mahurin

Sponsorship Coordinator

Jessica Martin

Jessica Martin, M.A.

Academic Programs Coordinator & Facilities Manager

Joy Mosley

Joy Mosley, M.B.A., J.D.

Director of Government Relations

Stan Rosenberg

Stan Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Vice President for Research and Scholarship

Morgan Feddes Satre

Morgan Feddes Satre

Communications Specialist & Managing Editor, Advance

Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith, M.A.

Director of Educational Programs

Christina Zigler

Christina Zigler

Executive Assistant to the President