Advance Magazine Spring 2016

The Advance is the magazine of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities. 
Published in the spring and fall of each year, the Advance covers the news and people of Christ-centered higher education.

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40th Anniversary Gala & Presidents 
Conference Photo Collage
By Morgan C. Feddes and Warren Pettit
The History of the CCCU
By Jo Kadlecek & Rick Ostrander
BestSemester Reflection: 
The Role of a Faith-led Life
By John M. Zwier 
Changing the Face of Christian 
Higher Education, One Leader at a Time
By Jo Kadlecek
CCCU 2016 Young Alumni Awards
By Morgan C. Feddes

Spring 2016 FEATURES
The Spiritual Lives of CCCU Students
By Todd W. Ha

Additional Resources:

Spiritual Transformation Inventory Website: 

Christian spirituality and mental health: A relational spirituality paradigm for empirical research” 

(Journal of Psychology and Christianity) by T.W. Hall 

Relational Spirituality: An attachment-based model

 of spiritual development and psychological well-being 

by B. Augustyn, T.W. Hall, D. Wang, and P.C. Hill

“Spirituality at a crossroads: A grounded theory 

of Christian emerging adults” 

(Psychology of Religion & Spirituality) by K.L. Bailey, 

B. Jones, T.W. Hall, D.C. Wang, and J.M. McMartin

Some key differences between a happy

 life and a meaningful life” 

(The Journal of Positive Psychology) by R.F. Baumeister,

 K.D. Vohs, J.L. Aaker, and E.N. Garbinsky

What is the ‘Relational’ in Relational Spirituality? 

A Review of Definitions and Research Directions” 

(Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health) by J. Tomlinson, 

E.S. Glenn, D.R. Paine, and S.J. Sandage

The Cultural Value of Christian Higher Education
By David Brooks
 Web resource
Purchase: The Road to Character
Engaging Students in Politics
By Michael Wear
Web resource  Purchase:  
Faith in the Voting Booth: 
Practical Wisdom 
 for Voting Well
Developing Good Faith
Q&A with David Kinnaman
Web resource
 Purchase: Good Faith: Being a Christian when 
Thinks You’re Irrelevant  and Extreme

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Essay Collection

From the President
By Shirley V. Hoogstra
From the Editor
By Morgan C. Feddes

On Diversity
By Pete C. Menjares
Around the Council
The news of the CCCU offices
On the Shelf
What your peers are reading
Web resource Purchase: Unleashing Opportunity: Why Escaping
Poverty Requires a Shared Vision of Justice
Web resource Purchase: Love Kindness: Discover the Power
of a Forgotten Christian Virtue

Web resource Purchase: The New Pilgrims: How Immigrants
Are Renewing America’s Faith and Values

Web resource Purchase: Free to Serve: Protecting the
Religious Freedom of Faith-Based Organizations

Web resource
Purchase: Teaching and Christian Imagination
Web resource Purchase: Roadmap to Reconciliation: Moving
Communities into Unity, Wholeness and Justice

From Capitol Hill
By Shapri D. LoMaglio
On Academics
By Rick Ostrander 

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CCCU 2016 YoungAlumni Awards

By Morgan Feddes