2018 Association for Christians in Student Develop Conference



The landscape of higher education is changing. We may be tempted to view this change as a significant challenge that threatens the core of our mission in Christian higher education; but perhaps God’s invitation is not to be reactive to these changes but proactive; to take note of what seems to make our work more difficult and innovate; to forecast change and design anew. Design Matters as we harness the raw potential of our campuses, our students, and our colleagues, bringing refreshed clarity and purpose to our work.

Last year, we were called to imagine the possibilities. This year, we will cultivate conversations around the ways Design Matters as we seek to foster new and renewed creativity to educate and empower the students we serve.

We invite you to come to ACSD Biola 2018 to be refreshed, inspired, and filled with hope to design anew!

For more information, visit: http://www.acsd.org/events/2018-conference/