Planning Grants

Networking Grants for Christian Scholars: Planning Grants

Up to three one-year Planning Grants of $1,500 - $3,000 each will be awarded in April 2017 to networking teams wishing to plan research projects.

Planning Grants are designed to enable an exploratory conversation among a small group of scholars that may result in a proposed Initiative Grant or in a request for funding from another source. The first step in creating a successful proposal, therefore, is to read carefully the requirements for an Initiative Grant.

The project director for a Planning Grant must be a full-time faculty member at an institution that is a full member of the CCCU, and the Planning Grant team must include at least two additional members, one of whom is from another CCCU member or affiliate institution. Faculty members from non-CCCU institutions may be included.

The members of a Planning Grant should focus on identifying a topic of interest to the larger academy; articulating a potential research program that is significantly informed by Christian practices, perspectives, and purposes; discovering those scholars best suited for and interested in participating in an Initiative Grant; suggesting venues for disseminating scholarly products.

Planning Grants are intended to bring Christian voices into contemporary academic conversations and to make an important contribution beyond the Christian academy and other Christian audiences. Therefore,projects targeted to Christian audiences, such as research or the dissemination of materials that are primarily focused on CCCU institutions or churches, are not eligible for awards.

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