Initiative Grants to Network Christian Scholars

Networking Grants for Christian Scholars: Initiative Grants

Up to two three-year Initiative Grants of $12,000 - $18,000 each will be awarded in April 2017 to implement research projects.

Initiative Grants are designed to enable small groups of Christian scholars to network in ways that will lead to collaborative scholarship on themes of interest and significance to the larger academy. Approved projects will create and disseminate scholarly work in high quality academic venues, thereby bringing Christian voices into contemporary academic conversations beyond the Christian academy. Initiative grants are intended to harness and demonstrate the power of networked, collaborative scholarship.

The research team should normally be composed of three to six members from various institutions. The project director for each Networking team must be a full-time faculty member at an institution that is a full member of the CCCU.

At least one other team member must hold a faculty position at either another CCCU member institution or a CCCU affiliate institution. Other Christian scholars comprising the team may have any academic affiliation or may be independent scholars. The team is encouraged to seek ways in which outstanding students may be included in the research activities.

Although all scholarship that seeks to illuminate some aspect of God's creation may be viewed as Christian scholarship, broadly conceived, preference will be given in this program to supporting research that is significantly informed by Christian practices, perspectives, and purposes. Any topic is appropriate, but applications must clearly articulate the ways in which both the research and the scholarly products draw on the riches of the Christian tradition and are themselves exemplary of Christian thought and life. Scholarly products, such as books, articles, art exhibitions, concerts, and the like need not use explicit Christian language to be significantly informed by Christian practices, perspectives, and purposes. Nor need they address overtly religious topics. But the grant application itself must clearly articulate the ways in which the proposed scholarly program is faithfully Christian. The application should avoid superficial approaches to Christian scholarship and should demonstrate deep reflection on the ways the Christian faith addresses issues of concern to the larger academy.

Initiative Grants are intended to bring Christian voices into contemporary academic conversations and to make an important contribution beyond the Christian academy and other Christian audiences. Therefore, projects targeted to Christian audiences, such as research or the dissemination of materials that are primarily focused on CCCU institutions or churches, are not eligible for awards. 


Questions? Contact Nita Stemmler at by February 1, 2017.

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