Christian Higher Education Research Council



As Christian colleges and universities seek to meet the challenges of a changing cultural and political landscape, it is crucial that they are guided by sound research.  Individually, many of the institutions of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities perform regular and reliable internal research.  As a collaborative association, however, Christian colleges and universities are missing an opportunity to benefit collectively from a coordinated and integrated approach to research.  Moreover, CCCU institutions and the Council’s leadership in Washington, D.C. need more complete and empirical data with which to construct a compelling narrative about the benefits and value of Christian education.  The Christian Higher Education Research Council is being established to meet those needs.



The Christian Higher Education Research Council will guide the CCCU and its institutions in conducting, interpreting, and disseminating research that fosters institutional improvement and supports an accurate and compelling narrative regarding Christian higher education in the U.S.  Specifically, the Council will:

  1. Guide our institutions in the coordination, collection, and use of benchmarking data that will empower them in data-driven decision-making and improvement.

  2. Serve as a steering committee connecting researchers on Christian higher education to topics of strategic interest to our members.

  3. Assist the CCCU in the interpretation and dissemination of data for both internal audiences (for institutional improvement) and external constituencies (to build a compelling narrative regarding the public narrative of Christian higher education).

  4. Conduct a CCCU Research Roundtable to convene in Washington, D.C. in fall 2016.



The Council will consist of 6-8 members from key positions at CCCU institutions, all of whom have significant experience and expertise in Christian higher education research.  Proposed members include:

  • Laurie Schreiner, Chair of the Higher Education Department, Azusa Pacific University (Council chair)
  • Michael Allen, Assistant Provost for Records and Research, Fresno Pacific University
  • Jessica Daniels, Associate Professor, Doctor of Leadership in Higher Education, Bethel University
  • Kris Hansen-Kieffer, Vice Provost and Dean of Students, Messiah College
  • Scott Moats, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Crown College
  • Rick Ostrander, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professional Programs, CCCU
  • Aida Ramos, Assistant Professor of Sociology/Student Success Coordinator, George Fox University
  • Todd Ream, Professor of Higher Education, Taylor University
  • Rod Reed, University Chaplain, John Brown University
  • Nita Stemmler, Program and Research Consultant, CCCU (CCCU liaison)