CCCU in the News

The colleges and universities that form the membership of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities often are featured in news stories for their innovative programs, academic prestige and work to bolster the movement of Christ-centered higher education. Here are some of the articles that mention CCCU members and affiliates.

  • CCCU Comments Regarding Department of Education June 18, 2010 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
    Filed August 2, 2010
  • Constitutional and Unwise
    Inside Higher Ed
    By Shapri D. LoMaglio
    July 6, 2010
    As an association representing institutions of higher learning, the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities is sensitive to the claims of institutional autonomy presented by the Hastings College of the Law in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez. However, as the institutions within our organization are religious in nature, we are also acutely aware of the religious freedom concerns presented by this case. MORE
  • Believing in God and Evolution
    Inside Higher Ed

    October 14, 2009
    An anti-evolution group is capturing headlines with its plans to distribute a special edition of The Origin of Species to tens of thousands of college students at secular universities next month, hoping that an introduction that promotes creationism will change the views of those who read it. But while that group is fighting for the hearts and minds of students at secular colleges and universities, there is also a theological and scientific struggle taking place at Christian colleges. MORE
  • Who says Religion is boring?
    The Baltimore Sun
    July 19, 2009
    It was the kind of story that cried out to be told. Or so Terry Mattingly thought.
    It was 1982, and a little-known punk band from Ireland was touring U.S. colleges for the first time, rattling from town to town in an old panel truck. Mattingly, then a music writer for a small Illinois paper, was intrigued by the chorus from a song on their new album. The lyrics were, of all things, in Latin - gloria in te domine, gloria exultate - and appeared to have been taken from an ancient Mass. MORE
  • Creation Care
    Center for American Progress
    November 13,2008
    Lauren Kras spent the spring of her junior year at Messiah College planting a garden. "We really wanted to put forward eating locally," she says. "You could do something in your own backyard that could cut down your energy usage and put you back in touch with the earth." The garden project was the creation of Earthkeepers, a small environmental club on this evangelical college campus in central Pennsylvania. MORE
  • Christian campuses play more visible role in campaigns
    Medill Reports
    November 3,2008
    The 2008 presidential campaign will be remembered for feeling like one of the longest in history. But it may also be remembered for the visible role that Christian colleges played, going back at least to June 2007.Thats when Eastern University outside Philadelphia co-sponsored a forum with Sojourners for Democratic candidates to discuss faith, values and politics. MORE
  • Cleveland: Faith-Based Growth
    Chattanooga Times Free Press
    October 6, 2008
    This fall Lee University enrolled the largest freshman class in the schools history. While the colleges student body has grown significantly over the past 20 years, officials say Lee appeals to a growing interest in affordable, faith-based higher education. MORE
  • A Semester Abroad ... in Tinseltown
    The Los Angeles Times
    October 6, 2008
    Forget about Paris and a semester at the Sorbonne. Who needs to study in Florence or struggle with Mandarin for just months in Beijing? Instead, consider the allure of Burbank and the nearby Oakwood apartments. Think about Los Angeles' Wilshire district and the chance to speak like a Hollywood agent.
  • Welcome, Freshman. Have an iPod.
    The New York Times
    August 20, 2008
    Taking a step that professors may view as a bit counterproductive, some universities are doling out Apple iPhones and Internet-capable iPods to students. The always-on Internet devices raise some novel possibilities, like tracking where students congregate. With far less controversy, colleges could send messages about canceled classes, delayed buses, campus crises or just the cafeteria menu. MORE
  • Will Colleges Friend Facebook?
    Inside Higher Education
    August 19, 2008
    As colleges have worked over the years to solidify their Web 2.0 presence and reach out to students where theyre most likely to congregate online, theres often a glaring omission from their overall Internet strategies: social networks. Thats not so much an oversight as a hesitation, with many institutions still debating whether to adopt social networking capabilities of their own or grit their teeth and take the plunge into Facebook, with all the messiness and potential privacy concerns that would imply. MORE
  • Christian Colleges Grow More Diverse
    Inside Higher Education
    August 15, 2008
    Historically, the evangelical colleges that comprise the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities have not been magnets for many black students. A new analysis from The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education suggests thats changing, with some Protestant colleges recording staggering increases in black student enrollments over the last decade. MORE
  • 2008 Great Colleges to Work For
    The Chronicle for Higher Education
    July 14, 2008
    Indiana Wesleyan University, Gordon College and Regent University are featured as top schoolsin the Chronicle's annual report. The survey, taken from more than 15,000 administrators, faculty and staff, highlights colleges and universities succeeding in good administration/faculty relationships, work/life balance, salary and benefits and other categories. IWU is featured as a success story for its innovative programs in promoting balance between work and life. For that story, click HERE.
  • What Would Jesus Do (In College)?
    Inside Higher Education
    By Elizabeth Redden
    June 30, 2008
    In 2006, Eastern Mennonite University cracked a list of top colleges for conservatives, old-fashioned liberals, and people of faith. It was a dubious distinction. The Virginia university, coming out of a pacifist tradition, names peace and sustainability as core values.MORE
  • Indiana Wesleyan to House National Adult Learning Center
    Inside Indiana Business
    June 17, 2008
    Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) has been chosen as the home for an international center to study adult learning. The institution has started a national search for an executive director for the Research Center in Adult Learning, which will be a joint effort between IWU and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. The center will focus on programs and services for the adult community's professional and lifelong learning needs. MORE
  • A Christian University puts faith in its professors
    The Chronicle for Higher Education
    By Beckie Supiano
    May 2, 2008
    Jennifer Stafford Brown thought she was an old pro at applying for jobs. "I've written probably 300 cover letters," she says. "I know how to write a cover letter."
    But when Ms. Brown applied for a position at Whitworth University, a Presbyterian institution in Spokane, Wash., she was asked for something more: a personal statement of faith. MORE
  • Students Expand Horizons, Study Abroad
    Today's Pentecostal Evangel
    By Jocelyn Green
    September 9, 2007
    USP opened my eyes to issues I had never encountered, says Charity Kinney, senior at Evangel University in Springfield, Mo. My worldview has expanded; I have grown so much spiritually and intellectually. Ive learned to ask the right questions and to truly rely on God for the answers. MORE>>
  • Christian Colleges' Green Revolution
    Christianity Today
    By Cindy Crosby
    May 25, 2007
    Integrating creation care with academics is a growing emphasis on Christian campuses around the country. According to Paul Corts, president of the interdenominational Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), about 40 of 105 North American member schools have adopted significant green initiatives. These vary considerably, from multimillion-dollar sustainable "villages" and student volunteer educational programs to majors in environmental studies and recycling pop cans in school cafeterias. There is also national action. MORE
  • BestSemester Program Provides Real World Experience
    Relevant Magazine
    By Hannah Fischer
    March 1, 2007
    Picture your ideal semester. Are you exploring the diversity of ancient Chinese culture and global commerce in Beijing and Shanghai? Trying your hand at directing films with the latest high-def video equipment in Hollywood? Spending hours writing and recording original music at a world-class facility on Marthas Vineyard? How about discussing the events in the Middle East with your contemporaries who are attending the worlds most renowned Muslim university in Cairo? MORE
  • Christian College Grows Roots Abroad
    Inside Higher Ed
    By Elizabeth Redden
    The fall of the Soviet Union hasnt changed everything in Moscow. It took the Russian-American Christian University five years to get a building permit. When its new, 46,000-square-foot facility opens in December, seven years will have passed since the process started. On the other hand, the fact that a permanent facility for a university with backing from American Christian colleges is opening in Moscow at all suggests that some things have changed, albeit sometimes slowly. MORE
  • A More Porous Church-State Wall
    Inside Higher Ed
    By Scott Jaschik
    March 14, 2007
    Last week saw two court rulings and one campus dispute focused on church and state. In all three cases and in several others in the last year advocates for religion won, and supporters of a strict separation of church and state lost. MORE
  • Muslim, Jewish Scholars: More 'Jesus' Talk Needed
    By Michelle Vu
    Feb. 5, 2007
    World renowned scholars representing Islam, Judaism and Christianity emphasized the need for more Jesus talk and Jesus action in conflict resolutions, noting that the world cannot afford a war between Christians and Muslims - who together make up half the worlds population. MORE
  • Spiritual Accountability
    By Elizabeth Redden
    Feb. 1, 2007
    How to make the seemingly subjective experience of faith objective, to measure a college students spiritual growth as you would a childs height, with penciled marks noting an inch here, an inch there, on a four-foot paper ruler taped to the presidents door? MORE
  • More Christian Sectors Tackling AIDS Head-On
    By Michelle Vu
    Dec. 1, 2006
    A word once shunned by churches is now overwhelmingly embraced as Christians mobilize to confront one of the worlds leading causes of death. Christians ranging from megachurch pastors to humanitarian workers to students are increasingly moving to the forefront in the battle against AIDS. MORE
  • Paul Corts on Christian Higher Education Month 2006
    UNI News
    By George Carden
    October 6, 2006
    Listen to audio clip
  • How college has changed in the past 20 years
    Daily Herald
    Associated Press
    Sept. 5, 2006
    Enrollment skyrocketed from 135,000 in 1990 to 230,000 in 2004 at the 102 campuses that belong to the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Thats an increase of 70 percent. Enrollment at nonreligious private colleges grew only 28 percent, while enrollment at public universities increased by 13 percent over the same period. MORE
  • Faithfully Attaining a Lofty Stature
    South Florida Sun-Sentinel
    By Jennifer Peltz
    May 28, 2006
    WEST PALM BEACH - When Palm Beach Atlantic University talks about growth, it's often the spiritual kind.
    But the nondenominational Christian university also is expanding in many other dimensions these days.MORE
  • Evangelical colleges gaining popularity
    NWI Times
    By Dalia Hatuqa
    April 9, 2006
    Evangelical colleges and universities are making a comeback -- after years of lower enrollment -- a trend that some experts say reflects a increasing interest in religion and Christian values. MORE

  • Rising Tide of Applications Lifts Fortunes of Christian Colleges
    Washington Post
    By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
    March 25, 2006
    Evangelical Christian colleges are attracting record numbers of applications this year, a trend that bodes well for an educational niche that was struggling to survive a generation ago. MORE
  • More students choosing faith-based college life
    Study shows a 70 percent increase in enrollment since 1990
    Orlando Business Journal
    By Carlos Galarza
    March 19, 2006
    ORLANDO - Faith-based higher education programs in Central Florida are expanding to meet growing enrollment. The local enrollment growth is part of a nationwide surge that has seen a jump of more than 70 percent in the number of students signing up for faith-based college programs since 1990. MORE
  • Record numbers flocking to Christian colleges
    Growth lets schools be more selective, curb tuition hikes
    Chicago Tribune
    By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
    March 10, 2006
    Evangelical Christian colleges are attracting record numbers of applications this year in a trend that bodes well for an educational niche that was struggling to survive just a generation ago. MORE

  • A Drive for Understanding
    Gays, Colleges Hope Tour Helps Dispel Mutual Stereotypes
    Washington Post
    By Michelle Boorstein
    March 11, 2006
    The meeting was a bit awkward. One side brought the other chocolates. People wore big name tags and fussed over one another, saying "Hi" effusively and smiling broadly. Clumsy jokes were made -- but everyone laughed. There were long silences. MORE
  • Gay Rights Group Targets Christian Colleges
    Schools' responses to Soulforce's Equality Ride will vary widely
    By Sarah Pulliam
    March 9, 2006
    For the next seven weeks, the group Soulforce will test the hospitality of Christian colleges. Some schools have decided withdraw the welcome mat for the national pro-gay activist group, while others are accommodating the protesters with housing and events. MORE
  • Some American Evangelicals Call for Action to Stop Global Warming
    VOA News
    By Bill Rodgers
    Feb. 22, 2006
    Some prominent American evangelical leaders have launched a campaign to persuade their congregants that more needs to be done to stop global warming. MORE
    * Watch the interview with CCCU President Bob Andringaon VOA News
  • Christian Colleges Blessed with Enrollment Surge
    Argus Leader
    By Jill Callisson
    Feb. 4, 2006
    After 2 1/2 years at a public university, Dave Klyn started over. Klyn had decided he could better reach his goal of becoming an elementary school teacher by finishing his education at a Christian college. MORE
  • Faith, Scholarship and the College Classroom
    Feb. 1, 2006
    By Ronald P. Mahurin
    The unprecedented enrollment growth of faith-based higher education is a curiosity to some, and a complete mystery to others. Particularly among intentionally Christ-centered schools, the enrollment rate of Council for Christian Colleges and Universities member institutions has outpaced the rest of higher education by more than 42 percent during the decade of the 1990s. MORE
  • Study Shows Small Christian Colleges Becoming More Popular Choice
    American Family Radio
    Jan. 11, 2006
    By Jim Brown
    Statistics show a growing number of students are opting to attend small Christian colleges and universities instead of large public institutions. MORE
  • Christian College Enrollment Growth - KWAVE Radio
    Jan. 5, 2006
    CCCU President Bob Andringa talks with KWAVE Radio in California about enrollment growth trends in Christian higher education.
  • Ivy League Schools See Rise in Evangelical Students
    Dec. 27, 2005
    By Audrey Barrick and Joseph Alvarez
    More Evangelicals are attending Ivy League universities where spiritual interest is growing more than ever, according to university faculty and campus fellowship officials. MORE
  • Students Bridge Science, Faith at Christian Colleges
    Chicago Tribune
    December 18, 2005
    By Lisa Anderson
    BOURBONNAIS, Ill. -- As the battle over the teaching of biological evolution buffets public high schools, a more delicate challenge faces many of the nation's Christian colleges and universities: helping students bridge the growing gap between modern science and fundamentalist faith. MORE
  • Christian Colleges Rebound
    Dec. 15, 2005
    By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
    Rachel Friesen was on track to graduate debt-free from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs when she made a leap in 2004 that would instead land her about $40,000 in debt on commencement day. MORE
  • The Culture Wars of 2005
    Dec. 7, 2005
    By Scott Jaschik
    The conservative journal The New Criterion is the last place youd expect to find any gratitude for Ward Churchill. But writing there this summer, Roger Kimball found a bright side to the controversial University of Colorado professor: He brought more scrutiny to higher education. MORE
  • On Christian campus, an all-embracing framework
    The Boston Globe
    Nov. 14, 2005
    By Brian MacQuarrie
    WHEATON, Ill. -- The chapel at Wheaton College is jammed with all its 2,400 students for a compulsory midweek gathering. Baseball caps are turned backward, and sweatshirts, jeans, and denim make these collegians 30 miles west of Chicago indistinguishable from most of their peers across the country. But there is a distinction: The bowed heads, the silent prayers, and the robust Christian songs are an accepted part of campus life. MORE
  • CCCU Campuses Keep Hands Stretched to Katrina Victims
    Oct. 27, 2005
    By Lilian Kwon
    In the wake of numerous disasters that have struck the nation within the past couple of months, including Monday's Hurricane Wilma, the nation has not pulled off from its generous contributions as aid continues to pour in. MORE
  • CCCU's BestSemester Program Engages Students in Multicultural World
    October 26, 2005
    By Susan Wang
    Whether in Latin America, China, or right here in the United States, CCCUs BestSemester program is offering students an opportunity to live, learn, and grow.
    The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, an association of more than 170 international institutions of Christ-centered education, sponsors off-campus opportunities for students under its BestSemester programs. MORE
  • Statistics Show More Students Want to Mix Spirituality and Education
    The Press Enterprise
    October 24, 2005
    By Marisa Agha
    A renewed interest in religion and spirituality nationwide has fueled unprecedented growth at some Inland-area faith-based colleges and universities.
    The new demand is particularly prevalent among Christian-centered campuses, mirroring a national revival in matters of faith. MORE
  • CCCU Enrollment Figures Surpass Other Higher Education Institutions
    October 11, 2005
    By Lillian Kwon
    Higher education institutions have experienced an increasing number of enrolled students over the past 14 years while member campuses of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) have taken the lead in growth among all four-year campuses. MORE
  • Congress Wades Into Campus Politics
    Republicans Push for Academic Bill of Rights To Ensure 'Dissenting Viewpoints' in Class
    Wall Street Journal
    October 4, 2005
    By June Kronholz
    WASHINGTON--College campuses can be political hotbeds. And that has some members of Congress thinking they should get involved.
    Some Republicans are pushing a measure through the House of Representatives meant to ensure that students hear "dissenting viewpoints" in class and are protected from retaliation because of their politics or religion. Colleges say the measure isn't needed, but with Congress providing billions of dollars to higher education, they are worried. MORE
  • October Observed as Christian Higher Education Month
    October 3, 2005
    By Elaine Spencer
    October is Christian Higher Education month, and to celebrate its sixth year anniversary, the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities created a website that showcases how Christian colleges and their alumni are benefiting society.
    The Washington-based CCCU began Christian Higher Education Month in 1999, and by 2003, Congress passed a House Resolution recognizing the campaign. Through the month-long observance, the CCCU hopes to raise awareness about the gains in Christian education as well as recognize alumni who have made great contributions to society. MORE
  • Council for Christian Colleges & Universities Present Research Findings in New Publication
    Thursday, Sep. 15, 2005
    By Susan Wang
    In a new initiative to better serve its member institutions, the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities recently launched a publication to summarize and distribute useful information from its development & research team. MORE
  • Christian Colleges Offer Free Tuition, Donations to Katrina-Affected Students
    September 12, 2005
    By Katherine T. Phan
    Member campuses of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) are helping students displaced by Hurricane Katrina in anyway they can, through extending fall registration dates, collecting donations for affected campuses, offering free fall tuition, and sending volunteer student teams to disaster areas, according to a report released by the Council. MORE
  • Faithful and True?
    World Magazine
    September 10, 2005, Vol. 20, No. 35
    by Gene Edward Veith
    She's bright, homeschooled, and devout. She is definitely college material. So her parents, having read about the relativism and debauchery of the nation's secular universities, send her to a Christian college. MORE
  • Interview: President of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities
    July 12, 2005
    By Marion Kim
    Out of the 900 self-defined "religiously affiliated" colleges and universities, only 100 are qualified for membership in the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU). MORE
  • More Christians Flocking to Religious Media
    Secular news seen as biased and inaccurate
    The Dallas Morning News
    July 2, 2005
    By Colleen McCain Nelson
    DALLAS-When FamilyNet reported on the recent Miss Universe pageant, the Christian TV network edited out footage of the swimsuit competition. When World magazine wrote about a church embroiled in controversy, the Christian publication noted that the "mainstream media had badly garbled the story." MORE
  • Academic Freedom Victory
    FrontPage Magazine
    June 24, 2005
    By Committee on Education and the Workforce
    Key House Republican leaders today welcomed news that a compromise has been reached between representatives of the higher education community and leading voices in the drive for freedom of speech, led by David Horowitz, who have been calling for enactment of an Academic Bill of Rights to protect students' rights on college campuses. MORE
  • Detente With David Horowitz
    Inside Higher Ed
    June 23, 2005
    By Scott Jaschik
    David Horowitz isnt mentioned by name in a two-page statement being released today by 26 higher education organizations. But the statement, on academic rights and responsibilities, is a response to Horowitzs Academic Bill of Rights, which many professors view as an assault on their rights. MORE
  • Higher, Higher Education
    USA Today
    June 22, 2005
    By Naomi Schaefer Riley
    For most high school seniors, going to a college that bans alcohol and premarital sex, and requires chapel once a week, seems like a raw deal. But the skills students absorb at religious colleges might be giving them an edge in the job market. MORE
  • Meet Gen M
    Not all colleges are the same. Religious colleges are churning out a different kind of graduate.
    National Review Online
    January 11, 2005
    Naomi Schaefer Riley, who's spent time at NR and the Wall Street Journal, writing for both, as well as writing for the Boston Globe, New York Times, and others, is author of the new book God on the Quad: How Religious Colleges and the Missionary Generation Are Changing America. In it she reports on her travels to a variety of religious colleges in the U.S. In these schools, for the most part, red-state students are escaping the broader secular college to prepare to engage it. God on the Quad is about a movement on the rise, which you're soon to hear a lot more about. MORE