Networking Communities Guidelines


Members may occasionally use Networking Communities for announcements of noncommercial publications and other resources of general interest to other subscribers. The subject line should clearly identify the topic of the message; the message body should be kept short and should contain contact information for more details. The appropriate medium for announcements of conferences and events is through the Conferences & Events web site. Contact Conference Services at for details.

Endorsements and Advertising

Endorsements are acceptable if made in the context of a request for information or sharing of an experience. Please note that unsolicited commercial communications to Networking Communities violate the endorsement and advertising provisions of these guidelines and may result in the loss of access to the Networking Community in question.

Job Postings

The CCCU maintains a Career Center web resource to which members may post job openings; all interested parties are welcome to browse the listings. Job postings should not be posted to the Networking Communities.


Informal professional opinion or use surveys are acceptable but should be brief and should encourage off-line responses. In keeping with the educational spirit of the group, you are encouraged to share a synopsis of any information you gather.

Common Sense Rules

Queries and dialogue should be focused on topics associated with higher education, conducted in a courteous, professional tone. The opinions expressed in list discussions are those of individual subscribers and are not necessarily those of their institutions. The CCCU is not responsible for the opinions expressed on any of the discussion lists it supports. Subscribers who operate outside of these guidelines will receive a cautionary notice from the CCCU. Individuals who continue to disregard and violate the guidelines may be blocked from subsequent participation.

For more information about CCCU Networking Communities, please contact us at