Commission on Technology

The Commission on Technology (COT) is appointed by the CCCU president.  The COT is responsible to make recommendations to the CCCU president, and through her to the board, on programs and services of the CCCU to assist member colleges (and, as appropriate, non-member affiliates) to become communities that effectively use technology to advance their missions.  Opportunities for leadership on this commission include: promoting the use of technologies for on-going information and idea sharing among CCCU campuses; promoting the development of conferences and other opportunities appropriate for professional and faculty development on matters relating to technology; and functioning as a collaborative group to bring other groups and entities of the CCCU together with groups outside the CCCU, as is reasonable and appropriate. The primary staff liaison for the COT commission is the CCCU Director of Technology.

Donald Haingray (Chair)
Director of Technology Services
Houghton College

Matthew Henry (Vice Chair)
Dean of Innovative Education/CIO
LeTourneau University

Robert Linehan
Chief Information Officer
Taylor University

Bill Strausbaugh
Vice President for Information Technology / Associate Provost 
Messiah College

Dave Tindall
Assistant Vice President for Technology Services (CIO)
Seattle Pacific University

Diana Allen (Staff Liaison)
Director of Technology Services
Council for Christian Colleges & Universities

Updated 7.7.16