2013 Nuclear Weapons and Our Globalizing Century Seminar

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2013 Nuclear Weapons and Our Globalizing Century Seminar

Osaka, Kyoto, Nagasaki, and Hiroshima, Japan | ,
August 03, 2013 - August 13, 2013
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Nuclear Weapons and Our Globalizing Century: A Multidisciplinary Challenge for the Christian Academy

How should Christians contend with the continuing questions surrounding the Nuclear Age in which we live? With the end of the Cold War some twenty-five years ago, some public officials and many private citizens assumed that it would only be a matter of time until nuclear weapons were eliminated as weapons of mass destruction. Today nuclear proliferation, combined with the tragic effects of the tsunami in Japan in 2011, have raised new questions about the role of nuclear technology in today's complex world.

This ten-day seminar to Japan will explore these and other questions which are so critical to making sense of the world in which we live. Participants will meet and engage with public officials, church leaders, educators and other private citizens, and will visit the historic sites of Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the first nuclear weapons were used during WWII, during the respective cities' annual commemoration events.

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 Applications Due:  January 15, 2013
 Participants Notified:  February 15, 2013